Muddy Puddles & rainbow wellies!

It’s been months and months since I picked up my camera. Winter does that too you don’t you think?  But on a family walk I decided to bring out my faithful camera and try to get some shots of how quickly Rufus has grown since the last time I photographed him. He is such a dude, and pulled lots of funny faces at me when ever I asked for a smile. So I had to be a ninja photographer and get the secret smiles of pure muddy puddle joy, that he just couldn’t hide! IMG_8588IMG_8610IMG_8587IMG_8597IMG_8617IMG_8536IMG_8531IMG_8595IMG_8569IMG_8557IMG_8545

And this is what happens when Rufus has had enough of me! lol….IMG_8605


A little Project

A little series of my favorite things along the hedgerows.

Vintage Rose Garden, Free Printable Prettiness

Hello there :) I found this lovely print a while back and whilst re-framing it I discovered it was a mass-produced print on textured paper. I love it anyway, and hope you do too lovelies xxx

I hope you enjoy this free vintage wallpaper, use it how ever you wish.  It can be downloaded by clicking on the picture below and then saving the file.

Meadow grass painting

Watercolour from yesterdays trip to the meadow.

A special little pudding pie

Ho-ray for the sun.

A few days ago I managed to get out into the country side with my sister, and take portraits of my beautiful niece.

Today we visited my in-laws up at the farm. I took some time and went to the meadow where we got married to paint all the different types of grass. It felt good to be looking after myself. I must find time to do it again soon :)

Lilac Walk

Lilac Walk, a photo by Rufus & Rose on Flickr.

More to come from our lovely walk as soon as I finish editing.

Marvelous Mothers Day Cards

The contenders for my own Mother’s day card….So they have to be good!

Pearenthetical Press

Loving the fresh spring hues of sky blue and peach, and the pretty typography is rather splendid too. Quite a hefty spend at £4.57 (UK postage included). But It is worth it if you need to buy one for an in-Law or any other paper goodies  :)

Caroline gardener

A sweet little card. You can buy directly from the designer at £4 including postage.

Pip Studio

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without a sweet card from my favorites, Pip Studio. £4  from Amazon


This is the card I will be getting for my dear mum. It’s special because my mum is my thrifting partner in crime. I also like the sweet retro things in the shop window. I could even put some pocket-money inside to spend at our first spring bootfair of the year!  Plus it is a bargain £2 instore. (The postage is £3.25 ekkkk!)

Maggie Makes

Maggie Makes has produced a free download of this cross stitch design for those of us who would like to be super special. Infact there is a whole page dedicated to lovely tutorials.  Think geometric patchwork placemats and upcycled T-shirt scarves!