Muddy Puddles & rainbow wellies!

It’s been months and months since I picked up my camera. Winter does that too you don’t you think?ย  But on a family walk I decided to bring out my faithful camera and try to get some shots of how quickly Rufus has grown since the last time I photographed him. He is such a dude, and pulled lots of funny faces at me when ever I asked for a smile. So I had to be a ninja photographer and get the secret smiles of pure muddy puddle joy, that he just couldn’t hide! IMG_8588IMG_8610IMG_8587IMG_8597IMG_8617IMG_8536IMG_8531IMG_8595IMG_8569IMG_8557IMG_8545

And this is what happens when Rufus has had enough of me! lol….IMG_8605


An Autumn Walk

I have been bloody miserable of late, and it is no coincidence that the weather has too. I’m pretty sure we are all feeling the winter blues!

So when a chilly, but bright sunlight filled day came about, I needed it. I hope you can tell from the pictures how beautiful the place was and how much I appreciated being there.

How have you all been? Looking forward to Christmas?ย  Take care lovelies xxx

Hello :) It’s been yonks!

Hello :) Sorry its been ages. I have always been rather sporadic when it comes to blogging anyway, let’s face it.

So what did I get up to in my time away?

1. I passed my driving test! Woahhhh major achievement right there!

2. I got a job!

3. I quit that job :/

4. I did our annual Autumn photos. Nothing major and posy this year, just a lovely walk in the park with my beautiful boys. And the freedom that objectivity can give you.

I hope you like them. I had rather missed my camera and it felt good to shoot again, I had been a bit rusty and frustrated last time I got her out.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful October and enjoying the changing of the seasons. Ekkkk! Christmas soon.ย  Actually shh, I didn’t mention that ;) xxx

A little Project

A little series of my favorite things along the hedgerows.

Instagram on Android

I had been waiting for what felt like an eternity for Instagram to come to Android. In the past few months I have of course become hopelessly addicted. It’s like our Insta-Diary. You can find me under @LouisaRose if you want to see our snapshots. I’ll look forward to looking through you’re awesomely cool new streamsย  as well :)


Meadow grass painting

Watercolour from yesterdays trip to the meadow.

A special little pudding pie

Ho-ray for the sun.

A few days ago I managed to get out into the country side with my sister, and take portraits of my beautiful niece.

Today we visited my in-laws up at the farm. I took some time and went to the meadow where we got married to paint all the different types of grass. It felt good to be looking after myself. I must find time to do it again soon :)

Bluebells: Part 1

We visited some new woods today. We found a meadow of bluebells in a beautiful clearing. I have never seen such a thing, there was lot’s of wild heather as well, so I will be returning throughout the seasons to that wonderful spot :)