A little hello

Well, it’s been 3 months since my last post and it feels nice to be here again and I hope you enjoy the update. Max arrived safely on the 15th January, and we have all been enjoying and getting used to the new family dynamics that a newborn brings. Rufus is such a sweet and kind boy to his brother, he is very natural with him.

Anyway, the main reason I got my camera out was to take some photographs of the spring flowers blooming here in Kent, for my dear friend Kathryn of Secrets of a Butterfly.    We had been talking about our favouirte flowers, in particular the healing properties of the beautiful little white clusters of Stitch wort, that often grow here alongside the bluebells.  I hope you like the photographs.

Love Louisa xxxIMG_8614 - Copy IMG_8616 - Copy IMG_8635 - Copy IMG_8684 - Copy IMG_8637 - Copy IMG_8638 - Copy IMG_8662 - Copy IMG_8663 - Copy IMG_8682 - Copy IMG_8689 - Copy  IMG_8695 - Copy IMG_8697 - Copy    IMG_8715IMG_8699 - CopyIMG_8702 - Copy IMG_8712 IMG_8709 - Copy IMG_8706 - Copy IMG_8705 - Copy  IMG_8721


Last chance!

Maybe a bit of a dramatic title there, but sweet little Max is now overdue. I am tired and grumpy and need my mobility back!!!! I also decided that it was now or never concerning the maternity photos even if it was freezing cold.

So we went to my favorite place and Matt took some photos of me, I would of been too embarrassed with anyone else! The ones of us together are courtesy of a self timer and fence posts. It’s a shame little Rufus didn’t want to join us but he was too snug in the warm at Nana’s house!

Love & Light x

th IMG_0006 IMG_0020 IMG_0035 IMG_0042 copy

Winter light and evening walks.

Managed to get out with my camera again for the first time in ages and I was loving the winter sunlight. Not long to go before my due date now….8 weeks! Yikes.


IMG_9712 IMG_9744 IMG_9752 IMG_9768 copy IMG_9789 IMG_9816 IMG_9824 IMG_9840 IMG_9848

Clifftop trainspotting on a summer evening.

One of our favorite places to go on a summers evening is along the clifftops. We get to see the trains running below while we play football until the sun goes down.

I wanted to take my camera for the first time in a long while, just to experiment and shoot the flowers.  It just so happened that my family were more co-operative when my camera wasn’t firmly attached to my mug! And so I took these photos within a different mindset, chilled out and from a place of gratefulness for the moment.  I really do find practicing a ‘quick draw’ technique is especially helpful when photographing Rufus because I can talk to him and be in the moment…then bang! Just took your perfectly framed and in focus photo with my quick draw action. And he didn’t even have time to realise and inevitably run off! Well that’s what I am learning  since taking a break from photography.  So give it a try, practice the ninja shot!

Also, I have never really used actions or presets to edit so I may do a little tutorial as to how I do a basic tidy up with a picture. Actually I’ll just tell you now as it is darn easy. I duplicate the image and go into blending options and select ‘screen’. That’s about it. If I need to sharpen up a picture I duplicate the image and go to Filters>Other>highpass and have it at about 11-30%. I then go to blending options and select soft light or hard light. Sometimes I go over the whole of this layer with the eraser, just leaving the subject sharpened.

Hope that was helpful, do let me know! And I hope you enjoy this mini photo series.

Love & Light     IMG_9472IMG_9474  IMG_9479 IMG_9482 copydgf    IMG_9536   IMG_9561IMG_9489 IMG_9578 IMG_9584 IMG_9585   IMG_9643IMG_9627IMG_9592IMG_9548


Muddy Puddles & rainbow wellies!

It’s been months and months since I picked up my camera. Winter does that too you don’t you think?  But on a family walk I decided to bring out my faithful camera and try to get some shots of how quickly Rufus has grown since the last time I photographed him. He is such a dude, and pulled lots of funny faces at me when ever I asked for a smile. So I had to be a ninja photographer and get the secret smiles of pure muddy puddle joy, that he just couldn’t hide! IMG_8588IMG_8610IMG_8587IMG_8597IMG_8617IMG_8536IMG_8531IMG_8595IMG_8569IMG_8557IMG_8545

And this is what happens when Rufus has had enough of me! lol….IMG_8605

An Autumn Walk

I have been bloody miserable of late, and it is no coincidence that the weather has too. I’m pretty sure we are all feeling the winter blues!

So when a chilly, but bright sunlight filled day came about, I needed it. I hope you can tell from the pictures how beautiful the place was and how much I appreciated being there.

How have you all been? Looking forward to Christmas?  Take care lovelies xxx

A little Project

A little series of my favorite things along the hedgerows.

Vintage Rose Garden, Free Printable Prettiness

Hello there :) I found this lovely print a while back and whilst re-framing it I discovered it was a mass-produced print on textured paper. I love it anyway, and hope you do too lovelies xxx

I hope you enjoy this free vintage wallpaper, use it how ever you wish.  It can be downloaded by clicking on the picture below and then saving the file.