A little hello

Well, it’s been 3 months since my last post and it feels nice to be here again and I hope you enjoy the update. Max arrived safely on the 15th January, and we have all been enjoying and getting used to the new family dynamics that a newborn brings. Rufus is such a sweet kind boy to his brother, he is very natural with him. I didn’t manage a ‘welcome to the world’ style birth announcement.  Unsurprisingly with my previous mental health record, I have got post natal depression. I seem to be coming out of the end of that though. One of the first things I wanted to do whilst feeling a little better  was too take a few pictures of the plants. Rufus joined us, and so I took a few shots of  him too. He is picking me flowers in some of them. That boy is such a beautiful angel.

Anyway, the main reason I got my camera out was to take some photographs of the spring flowers blooming here in Kent, for my dear friend Kathryn of Secrets of a Butterfly.    We had been talking about the healing energy in flower essences. In particular the healing properties of the beautiful little white clusters of Stitch wort, that often grow here alongside the bluebells.  I hope you like the photographs. I can’t edit from my laptop so these are straight out of camera. I need (want) a Mac, but don’t we all!

Love and Light

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