A little Project

A little series of my favorite things along the hedgerows.


Vintage Rose Garden, Free Printable Prettiness

Hello there :) I found this lovely print a while back and whilst re-framing it I discovered it was a mass-produced print on textured paper. I love it anyway, and hope you do too lovelies xxx

I hope you enjoy this free vintage wallpaper, use it how ever you wish.  It can be downloaded by clicking on the picture below and then saving the file.

We are family, I got all my sisters with me!

Yes, ahem. Introducing my fabulous sister, Genine Delahaye! This awesome little lady got her designs featured on the blog Print & Pattern, and I couldn’t be more excited, happy and proud for her. This is her vocation, she wanted to be a designer and I wanted to be a brain surgeon.  At least one of us got our dream ;)

You can keep track of her new work on Facebook or take a gander at her portfolio of work on her blog.

And yes, she kindly gave me permission to use her bear design on my blog, how lucky am I!

New project

Hello :) Recently I have been busy messing around with different creative mediums. This sparked off my newest project using watercolor pencils and Photoshop.I have always been interested in the Earths weather system’s. This set focuses on how water needs to be able to transform between it’s three states for life to thrive, the presence of it is not merely enough.

I wanted to create a sense of peace and stillness in these illustrations. I haven’t finished on this theme yet, I am working on a few more. I am quite excited about those ones :) They are available from the shop.

Bye for now


Crystal Hills

Shrinking Universe

Polar Family

Pink Lagoon

Crystal Mountains