When I was little I loved jumble sales, old ladies, cake, cats and climbing hay bales. I still love all these things.

Hello lovelies, I’m Louisa, otherwise known as ‘mummy’.

I became a stay at home mum after leaving university.  Turns out, being a pregnant psychology graduate in the midst of a recession didn’t work out to well for my career.

When Rufus and Max came along they changed our lives, kid’s seem to have a habit of doing that. I loved being at home, and it suited us. We became aware that we really had no urgent need for lots of money, if it meant not spending as much time with the children. So we made the decision for my husband to take Wednesday’s off each week,  as well as putting my career on hold whilst the boys are younger. We made a conscious choice to have less money and more time and we are very blessed that my husband managed to get flexible working.  I spend lot’s of time fostering my boy’s emotional intelligence.  I try to set them an example in how to care for our planet, and enjoy the beauty, love and peace that we find in nature. To teach them it is essential to always follow their hearts and their own spirits in life, whilst trying to provide them with the inner confidence and security needed to do that. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our frugal way of life makes for a creative one and this is a place to share our journey.

I  love to document my family through photography, to capture the boy’s kind and gente hearts and I hope that when they are older they will appreciate the record that I have kept. I would love to be able to do the same for other families ,so if you are local to Kent and are interested in having your children’s portraits taken, please do contact me on my Facebook photography page.

 I also have a little online shop it’s dedicated to sourcing vintage treasures and very carefully curated.  I enjoy re-homing the pre-loved items I manage to find. Especially books!

Love & Light, Louisa



One thought on “About

  1. adorable blog! and i love that your family makes focuses on the importance of being together and growing together rather than how much money you can bring it! congrats on these blessings! :)

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