Pre menstual tension and mental health

Premenstrual tension is usually seen as a bit of a joke. But really, I am so totally scarred by it. I have a serious problem with my periods, so much so that I was prescribed antidepressants for them.  The first half of my life was spent having numerous mental break downs. I was told many a time I had bipolar or depression or social phobia or agoraphobia, blah blah blah and was then basically left to my own devices. How did I not realise my periods were connected to my mental health?  Well I did, I just didn’t have the objectivity to see the whole picture. Periods play a huge role in female psychological well being. And maybe it’s the periods that are outrageous or that any and all underlying mental health conditions are/can/may be triggered and worsened every month by our hormones. It’s rather like the chicken or the egg question right?

The intensity of my feelings are always so high during those few days that the embers of its intensity linger. Feelings I have only felt during difficult periods in my past would resurface and with it the memories. This plethora of hormones, unconscious feelings resurfacing, old memories, triggering flashbacks and so forth, ended up not just disappearing after the hormones themselves disappeared. They were hard to put out and went smouldering on through the rest of the month. Ready to rear their ugly head in say, ooo about another 28 days. It’s enough to get any one depressed, and it does if you’re not careful.

“I have crazy bad periods and want to disappear from the planet once a month, every month”….and breath. There, I said it and so can you. We deserve a bloody rest during this time. Some self care and self love and to eat all the chocolate we desire.

But I still don’t want  to press that darn publish button!

Why am I sharing this?  I want to embrace and help by being authentic and honest, rather than obsessively trying to hide the fact I’m mental for a week every month.

So come on, I’m gonna need something in return. I’m all alone here in cyber space pouring my heart out to a void!  How do you cope with periods? How does your family cope? Even just to say, hey Louise, I hear ya! It’s anything but a joke.


6 thoughts on “Pre menstual tension and mental health

  1. Well done for hitting publish sweetheart!
    And a beautiful written piece, very real in emotion but also giving the facts.
    I’m sure there’s healing in sharing your story –
    such a personal struggle yet one that you cannot be alone in.
    And may you find ways to make that time of each month, and all the other days too,become easier.
    Love you! Kat x

    • Thank you for you’re kind words dear. They mean ever such a lot to me. I am quite positive that things will get better soon, I am understanding myself again for the first time in a while.

      Love and hugs to you angel, I hope you are in a good place xxx

  2. Yes, yes and yes! Boo to your suffering but YAY to your openess and determination to overcome it! Oh boy do i hear you! I hear you on every level and suffer from similar regular bouts of depression! So I’m so happy that you were brave enough to click ‘publish’ as it has assured me I’m not on my own. It’s so frustrating as I know that I have plenty of things to be happy about but we can’t control the way we feel sometimes. Never really considered how it could be related to PMT but now that I think about it, it makes sense. Feels like an endless cycle of ups, finding balance, huge downers and then climbing my way back up! Can’t wait to meet up again Louise. Hey maybe we can try a yoga class together? Look after yourself lovely. Lauren xx

    • How did I not even know that about you! I’m extra glad I posted now. You see, that’s what I mean, I’m pretty sure most women suffer quite badly, we just aren’t supposed to talk about, well that’s how I thought at least. It’s nice to be free, open and honest about the darn hassles we have to face. And yayyyyyy I have a yoga buddy :) xxxxx You look after yourself too sweetheart.

  3. Thank you for your brave post! I agree PMT is often seen as a bit of a joke, but is anything but. I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was a teenager, and my anxiety in particular is ALWAYS worse before my period. Until recently I had an implant and it was awful as my periods were so irregular I wouldn’t know that was what it was, so much so that I’d almost cry with relief when I got my period and realised I wasn’t going insane! Even if you are able to identify the feelings as related to PMT is doesn’t always help to know that’s what it is when you are feeling so bad as it can be very all consuming. Luckily I’ve had my implant removed now as it was affecting my mood terribly – but that’s a whole other struggle in itself!

    It sounds like you are very self aware and have learned to manage things as best you can, I agree keeping a record is helpful, I always find any kind of writing helpful when I’m feeling bad. Glad you’re feeling better now :D


    • Dear Sarah Kate, Thank you ever so much for sharing your feelings too. I am so sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I just wanted to say a heart felt thank you. Anyway, take care :)

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