It all started this week when I brought a glass cake dome because I hadn’t come across a bell jar whilst thrifting yet. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was searching Ebay for Astroturf.

Today though, I dreamt of turning it into a terrarium! Remember those? They used to be so popular. They fuelled my imagination as a child. The magic that happened in that perfectly self-contained tiny forest was a thing of dreams. They we’re also hugely attractive to all the household spiders, but I try to block that part out.

I have fallen in love with soft moss and perfectly formed miniature succulents, it had been simmering for a while but now it is full-blown love. It will also be the perfect thing to teach Rufus lot’s about plant life.

I have already brought the air drying clay to make the tiniest toadstools, ladybirds and a vast away of other little wonders and now i’m off to reasearch the moss….

What do you think of Terrariums? Do you have the same fond memories of them? They can be brought up to date in lot’s of ways, I especially like this hanging glass orb version.

Blith Gardens – EtsyCaptain CatDecor8


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