Rufus’ First Snow

Today we wrapped Rufus up in as many layers as humanly possible. As soon as movement was restricted, we thought we might be getting there. And after a struggle to get our wellie boots on in our new puffed up and padded state, we opened the front door to the gleaming snow…and Rufus’ eyes lit up.

He loved every second! After sufficient time in wet gloves we brought our little man back into the warm to the cries of ‘Noooo, snow turtle!’ (Don’t ask).

We promised to take him out tomorrow to build a snow man and got him dry. He then snuggled down to a warm milk, in his cosy bed for a little nap. While I got on with running the pictures through Photoshop ,with a nice cup of tea.

A blissful family day. If the snow stays tomorrow, Matt won’t be going into work so we will all be building that snowman together.

I hope you all had a special day with the snow, even if it was just staying in and pottering around the house. Oh and on a sidenote, I will be posting about the online book club soon. I just have to iron a few things out.  However, the first book will be Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca. I am thinking of setting up a Facebook group for the discussions and setting up polls so we can all have a say in what is on the reading list.  How does that sound so far? Please share any thoughts you may have lovelies.

Take care



6 thoughts on “Rufus’ First Snow

  1. Those photos of pure happiness just made my day! Gorgeous.

    Plans for book club sound brilliant, looking forward to hearing more. I’ve had a copy of Rebecca in my collection for years, so now is finally the time to crack it open!

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