A walk in the park

We had a lovely weekend. I found a few more special bits and pieces for the shop (Which is now live by the way…go check it out >>>.

And also we bagged a few lovely things for our home, which are on my Flickr stream.

So Saturday was the antiques fair but today we had a lovely lazy day.  We wrapped up warm and took an afternoon stroll in the park. Rufus just keeps getting faster and faster, more cheeky and clever by the day.

Outfit £16

Hat: £1.99 H&M sale

Jumper: £5.99 H&M sale

Gilet: £4.00 Asda sale

Wellies: £4.00 Sainsburys


6 thoughts on “A walk in the park

    • Hello Lou :) I’m a Louise too. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello lovely. I just checked out your super cool blog and it is rather gorgeous. Love the collection of treasures on your kitchen shelves and your boy’s are lovely :) Yes I agree, all Rufus’ are cheeky comedians :)Speak soon xx

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