Gift wrapped with love

I put lot’s of thought into everyone’s gifts at christmas and love to wrap them in a way that shows we care. I have a lovely huge collection of papers and ribbons for gift wrapping. When I have a present in front of me I don’t know how it is going to turn out and that is the fun of it. I am very pleased with my mother in-laws hamper and thought I would share it with you.

In past years I have brought pretty boxes for people individually but this year I decided because I love Kraft paper and it is always involved in my wrapping I would buy a bulk lot of cardboard boxes to save money. So far it has been a good choice because I have saved lot’s and it is all money that can go back into presents.

Take care xxx

Tip: I always make hampers for people. You can collect presents months in advance so that when December comes we don’t feel the pinch as much as if we would have to buy £20 presents outright for all the family. The hampers may work out about £20 each but we don’t struggle in December as I have started to prepare them in August. Yes August.

Christmas tree paper punch: Jumble sale find. 10 pence

Vintage sheet music: Charity shop. 25 pence

Dollies: Poundstore. £1


6 thoughts on “Gift wrapped with love

  1. Love the new blog, all so beautifully laid out, just like these gifts. They look gorgeous I wouldn’t want to unwrap them. I much prefer handmade looks to wrapping than the glossy high street wraps. Love kxxx

    • Thank you dear. I have being struggling to find myself and I think I have now. Oddly enough it’s colour and print which I love but have always tried to move away from since my first flat looked like a circus ring. I have come full circle and am very happy about it :) Love always R&L xxxxx

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