1st December and up goes the tree.

Happy first of December. An exciting month for mummies because we get to make a whole month magical for our little angels. This year is all about ‘Making Traditions’, new and old that Rufus will remember fondly in years to come.

We usually have a beautiful fabric wall hanging advent calendar but this year I have opted for the Playmobil christmas post office calender. It’s very cute and will make a lovely christmas scene by the end of the month.

Rufus was so happy putting the christmas decorations on, but I won’t lie, he had a lot of fun ripping them off again and kicking the baubles everywhere! Little monkey.

I want to leave you by saying that I plan to stay true to our values on money through this christmas and hope you stop by again as we go through the month to see how we manage life on a small budget. It’s tempting to spend loads on everyone especially Rufus but he doesn’t need material things. We will fill this month with loveliness through foraging in the country side for pinecones and holly, masses of christmas craft days. A trip to buy a teeny christmas tree for his room where all our handmade decorations will hang. A trip to see Santa on the train and a pantomime. This means his presents will be limited but he is happy with family friends and a few new cars. I have brought most of his presents from bootfairs over the summer so he has an awful lot of new cars!

Take care and remember it’s time and memories that make christmas special, don’t feel guilt if you can’t afford the latest toys. It’s all too easily done my lovelies and there is no need.



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