This weekends haul of goodness.

The bootfairs have stopped for the winter but fear not, I have been keeping an eye out for jumble sales and I have even been perusing the charity shops. I have been super organised and have kept a thrift diary of events.

One of my favorite buys from the weekend was this cute handmade knitted patchwork bedspread. It fits over our kingsize bed and was only £3 from a good old-fashioned church jumble sale.

Rufus is rather taken with it, he likes to make a cave and point out all the colours he can see.

I also nabbed this retro circular tray. I ignored my usual politeness and swooped right in for this little baby. Carrying it over the bundle of people’s heads I didn’t feel a scrap of guilt.Finally, let me introduce you to Mr Fox. A charity shop find. He has been lovingly carved into life with the softest tail and the cutest little face. I also managed to get my hands on some cute vintage christmas decorations, a children’s illustration, a cross stitch dictionary of sampler designs and a children’s retro bed cover. I’ll be adding more pictures when I get around to taking them.

Incidently, if anyone is on Flickr I am the one and only member of the group UK Thrifty Retro Finds. I am very lonely there, come join me and brighten my day. I really can’t be the only one that likes to show off the weekends haul of goodies.


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