Corners of my home

I love little display’s around the home, I am forever moving things about and feel rather chuffed with myself when I have gone on a reorganising spree.

I thought a nice little feature to have on this blog would be corners of my home. Would you like to share any special corners of your home? If so I would love to hear from you :)

The picture was actually a dress I brought from Ebay because I loved the print so much. It didn’t fit and I couldn’t get rid of it. I have a sewing machine but am a novice so I was day dreaming about what to use the fabric for and it was stuffed in a draw. Then I thought I would frame it so it wouldn’t be forgotten and I think it has found a permanent home among my 20p boot fair fawn and wooden fairytale house.

The mushroom is a garden ornament that is very light and far too pretty not to be used indoors too. And the wooden heart has ‘mum’ engraved on it. A present from my dear Godmother the day after my son was born.

I hope you enjoyed this post….maybe I should call the feature Stories of my home instead? If you would like to share the special places in your life than please get in contact, it would be lovely to hear from you :)

Love & Peace

Louise x


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