Cuteness I couldn’t pass up.

I have a confession to make, not only am I a serious Boot fair and jumble sale addict but I am also a hoarder. These two naturally don’t mix and so I strive for structured clutter in my home..

Of course I allow for the odd buy for which I have no clue what it’s intended use will ever be, but they are allowed because one day inspiration will hit. These beautifully illustrated children’s records are that kind of treasure find. I could easily just frame them in Rufus’ room but although I like them I am not sure I like them enough to grace his walls. Plus I have my eye of a couple of huge Babar posters. So ideas on a postcard…I will be blogging them again when inspiration does hit.

In other news, I had my hair cut today. Ekkkk I last had it done over a year ago…shameful but I can’t help it. Spending £30 on a hair cut is hard for me when I am used to snapping up everything I need for . Anyway, the verdict is….I have had to spend more money on hairdressing scissors from Ebay. Pants.

Anyway lovelies, have a great weekend, let’s hope I will next be blogging about all the gorgeousness I find this weekend. Hope you enjoy the illustrations.



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