Having fun and NO stressing!

Gosh, I have been stressed recently. What’s a mummy to do when the time is dawning to get back to the world of work? I have been stressing over making my creative pursuits a source of extra income for my family ever since Rufus was born and it sucked all the enjoyment out of everything. Then I thought (and it took me a while, when everyone around me was going back to well paid jobs after becoming a mum)…my career isn’t a priority anymore and it never will be.

And Rufus and Rose was born, it’s soul philosophy to be an outlet for me to share my ideas and style, my obsessive love for jumble sales, photography and bringing up a son who knows everything there is to know about the country side. For him to live a life rich and full of love, curiosity and happiness for as long as possible in this crazy world.

To kick things off, let’s start with a recent shoot I took of my gorgeous family on a trip to the park.


5 thoughts on “Having fun and NO stressing!

  1. Oh my gosh these photos are killing me!! So beautiful. Makes me miss you guys even more though.
    LOVE the new site, the new concept, and the whole feel of it (great header). You know I support your endeavors 100% xoxo

  2. What a total cutie pie!!!! And you too! ; ) Good luck with the blogging. I do it too and it has proved to be a very nice time to reflect on good and happy things I love in my life.
    We have scandinavian love and thrifting in common. I don’t take too many pictures of them, I should be better. My kids have accused me of being a hoarder….but I was told that if I can freely give some away with no emotional attachments then one is not a hoarder. I am giving gifts of my treasures all the time, so no danger. I am excited to see what you have found!
    ; )

    • Thank you so very much Daiseedeb.
      I am touched you took the time to visit the blog and leave me such a lovely message. I will be keeping an eagle eye out for your pictures on flickr… it would be great if you did take pictures of some of your best thrifting finds. I love seeing others collections. :)
      Take care
      Louise x

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